Wellness Real Estate Expertise

Our process involves a team approach to delivering wellness value engineering

The DARWIN team seamlessly integrates health and wellness solutions into the home-owner’s exquisite design.

Our team works hand-in-hand with your building team

Our team constantly maximizes wellness impacts throughout the home while always putting your lifestyle and the character of your home as the top priority. Delos has cultivated a team with experience in luxury construction, architecture and design, as well as science and technology, that will work hand in hand with your homebuilding team to curate a whole home wellness solution that seamlessly integrates into the home’s intended design, without compromising the homebuilding process.

Our wellness implementation process fits into the overall building process with little to no disruptions

We stay involved throughout the entire design and construction process bringing deep collaboration, documentation and transparency to all aspects of the project. This ensures wellness is integrated through the home’s existing architecture, design, automation and construction.


  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction
  • Completion

Define. Assemble. Understand.

During conceptual design we work with your homebuilding team to define roles and responsibilities, objectives and scope of the project, conduct a wellness features overview and establish a timeline. Most importantly, the DARWIN team works tirelessly to understand the homebuilding team’s process to ensure a seamless integration into the project.

Wellness Incorporated

During design development the DARWIN team analyzes every aspect of your project. We conduct water tests, light studies and modeling, evaluate local environmental conditions, review drawing sets and renderings in order to inform our comprehensive wellness solutions. Throughout the entirety of our analysis we are in constant communication with the homebuilding team.

Wellness Solidified

Once the construction documents are finalized, our team evaluates the project’s drawings set (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) to implement wellness solutions without compromising the original intent and aesthetic of the project. Our team creates a personalized and curated specification package for the homebuilding team to understand DARWIN’s features, designs, and to experience the concepts.

Wellness in Action

As construction progresses, we work hand in hand with your homebuilding team on their implementation and installation of the DARWIN features. We provide documentation for all work associated with DARWIN (wire diagrams, spec sheets, purchase orders). Further, we have a DARWIN project manager who is constantly in communication with the homebuilding team to address questions, concerns, and problems. Further, our project manager schedules site visits to ensure seamless integration and implementation.

Your Wellness Home Delivered

Our DARWIN team trains all relevant staff on the features and their capabilities. We equip all project stakeholders with the sales materials and DARWIN narrative to properly explain what a wellness luxury home entails. Finally, we do a walk through of the home to show the homeowner exactly how and what their new DARWIN home will be doing for them.

Additionally, the DARWIN team crafts a client welcome kit for the new homeowner.

Welcome Home to Wellness

Your DARWIN home delivered
  • This is a comprehensive program that speaks to the lighting, air, and water quality in your home through a wellness intelligence platform. DARWIN is an ecosystem of interoperable products, interfaces, controls, and algorithms designed to provide luxury residential homes with integrated technologies to manage wellness for end users in a discrete and engaging environment.
  • Darwin provides wellness intelligence to the master home automation system which executes Delos’ research-based remediation algorithms and lighting scenes.

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